Main instrument panel details


15. April 2013 by Peter

This posting is a video-tour of how I have made my MIP.

Back side

A lesson learned from my pedestal-work was that it is a good idea to keep things separate and build like a sandwich. So most panels is build in more layers in order to keep things separate (Buttons in one layer – connections in a second layer).

Also in the video you can see my idea on how to have multiple parts of the panel share the same group/GND on the OpenCockpits MasterCard.

I found some real glass from en old picture frame the other day and (more or less successful) managed to make 3 pieces of glass that goes in front of the monitors.

Fianlly everything is backlit using 12v LED strips. On my pedestal I used single LEDs and 5v. That was a true hazzle to work with. LED-strips is much-much easier!

Front side

On the front I have used panels from both OpenCockpits and HispaPanels.

Making gauges proved quite easy and I am very happy with the result.

The plate it self is made from a product called Foamalux that I bought at my local DIY-center (Bauhaus). They can cut it in any size you prefer. Mine is 152 x 36 cm and costed about €15 / $20.


The MIP front goes on to a skeleton made of MDF-boards.

Monitors are mounted on a block of wood that has been cut in a 15 deg. angle.

To (hopefully) minimize the gap between the monitors and the MIP-plate I have put some carpet-tape in the edges of the monitors. It is a double-sided soft tape – a bit like gaffer tape / duct tape – that you normally use when you install wall-to-wall carpets to prevent them from moving.




5 thoughts on “Main instrument panel details

  1. Sve-Erik Arneberg says:

    Hei Peter. Har fulgt Buildaboeing en lang tid og du har inspirert meg til å begynne å bygge. Holder på med å bygge MIP og det begynner å ta form. Du nevner at du har illustrator filer av dine panel, er dette noe du gir bort? Hade vært top om jeg kunne sett de.. Happy landings, hilsen Sven-Erik Arneberg fra Halden, Norge

    • Peter says:

      Hej Sven-Erik.
      Dejligt at høre!
      Klik på linket “Overhead” øverst, der er både pdf og illustrator-fil.
      Skriv endelig igen, hvis du har spørgsmål.
      Hilsen Peter

  2. Urtos says:

    Hi, sorry but how you did the screens? (of the main panel)

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