An overview of what I have bought and where. Not everything is included, mostly the large parts and good deals that could be of interest for other cockpit-builder.


  • Prosim737
    From the very start I bought Prosim. It has been a bliss to work with! If you can find the funds and are serious about building this thing, this will be the best money you can spend!
  • TopCat
    Calculated performance and speeds based on weights


  • Pedestal panels: ProSimParts – €200
    All pedestal panels in a nice quality. Ready for you own DIY building, wiring and coding.
  • Autopilot / MCP-unit: OpenCockpits – €288
    Plug’n’play unit. P’n’P saved me many-many hours. Well worth the extra cost.
  • FMC: OpenCockpits – €116 + PSOne screen (€70)
    DIY-model without the PCB (Buy the PCB!) PsOne screen found on eBay at $50.
  • EFIS: Hispapanels – €55
    EFIS panel and (a life saver) PCB to build on.
  • MIP-panel: OpenCockpits and Hispapanels.

Interface cards

Mostly I am using OpenCockpits IO-cards

  • MIP: 1 x OC USB expansion, 2x OC MasterCards, 1x OC Servocard, 1x USB Keys-Card (FMC)
  • Pedestal: 1x OC MAstercard (Wired to the MIP), 3x OC Display Cards
  • Overhead: 1x Pololu mini servo (12 channel) 1x OC Expansion card, 3x OC MasterCard, 2x OC DisplayCard

Further more, even though is not is interface cards, I would still recommend that you buy something like this:

Generic parts

More generic parts such as switches, wires, connectors.


Other generic parts that are quite help full (and essential?) for a home cockpit.

6 thoughts on “Bought

  1. Roman says:

    i have a question about your pedestal, because i also want to buy the panels from prosimparts. How can you build a FULL pedestal for 200€ including all these panels (2x COM, 2x NAV, 2x ADF, Transponder, Cargo Fire Panel, WX Panel, 2x Audio Selector, Trim, Lights, SELCAL,… and Electronics)?

  2. - says:

    Hi Roman.
    No, you are right. 🙂 The €200 is just the panels/plastic. All electronics are then extra. You can see all about the pedestal in the category Pedestal.
    On top of the panels you’ll need 48 7-segment-displays (at €1 each), 6 encoders (at €5 each), interface cards (Around €130) various electronics (Lets say €50) and, some MDF and paint, and many-many hours. 🙂 So a total of minimum €500.
    Cheers Peter

  3. Robert says:

    Hi Peter,
    I see that you use ProSim to handle the cockpit. What simulator du you use for the “outside”? X-plane?

  4. Lukas says:

    Hi Peter! First of all thanks for the amazing Content! I am also Planning to Build a Simulator But it Wolldecke help me to know How much you have paid up to Now?

    Thanks and best Wishes

    • Peter says:

      Hi Lucas.
      I never started counting. And I recon that is a good thing. 🙂 But if you go section by section you should be able to get things done pretty cheap. There are a few big posts like software and interface cards.

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